Note: Most of these storyboards were done in portrait orientation because they were designed for mobile phones.

TV Commercials – Degree / P&G Pantene / Nissan

Transformers: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker

Attacked by a zombie while collecting evidence


Beach people vs security guards


Bomb sequence


Zombies get violent


Army mows down zombie horde


Security guard gets attacked by zombie

A rabid dog bites a person and later perishes


Cleaning up blodies and picking up entrails


Photographing and picking up bodies


Scraping blood onto evidence collection paper

Making a rooftop garden

Combined my art with google maps street views and 3d views to create a flying sequence

A registered nurse checks EKG leads, pulse, eye movement, and pupil dilation


Putting on gloves and unwrapping bandage


Medical School gross anatomy dissection

A couple wakes up and goes to bathroom to get ready


A couple brings dinner to a hacker space to eat


Two people dissassemble and reassemble a bicycle


Four students head into medical school gross anatomy class


Changing into biohazard suit

Peeling and cutting vegetables before adding Japanese curry roux


Using a tablet


Hands come alive and use a laptop computer


Flying spaceship


Hacking a normal radio into a ham radio