2017 Update and Closing of Double Take Comics

The internet can be such an easy way to share information, but sometimes when you are not looking, big changes can happen. My career went through many changes starting in the summer of 2015, but since I was away from social media and this blog for practically the entire year and continuing into 2017, many people still don’t know what happened or what I’m doing now. I thought I’d take a few moments to let everybody in on what’s going on.

Jump back to summer of 2015. I was working on indie and small press comic books when I was offered to do an animated comic book test for Take Two Interactive’s subsidiary, Double Take Comics. To give credit where credit is due, Jeff McComsey was the one who referred me to Double Take Comics, and I owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Below is what I submitted:

I really enjoyed making this mini animated storyboard. It came so naturally to me. Double Take Comics loved the submission, and within 2 months, I was signed on to work full time in their office in Midtown Manhattan. I went on to do thousands of storyboards like the ones above for 6 different graphic novels over the course of approximately 14 months. The days blurred into weeks and months as I stayed late in the office and worked weekends. The pressure was immense but I was able to tap into my deep well of creative energy to make quality and quantity of art.

The Double Take Comics roller coaster ride ended in November 2016 when our parent company Take Two Interactive decided to exit the comic book business and close our doors. I was the last one to leave the office on the last friday of Double Take Comic’s existence. I couldn’t have written the script any better.

Now halfway into 2017, I am proudly working as a storyboard assistant for commercials and corporate advertising. Some examples of my work are below.

Fully drawn by me:

Assistant work (some drawn by me, some are cleanup/grayscale/atmosphere):

I am also continuing my work on indie comics. I will announce the projects as they happen. I hope to cross paths with you at NYCC 2017!