Below are examples of my sequential comic book art:


Presently: Working as an in-house comic artist at Double Take Comics, owned by Take-Two Interactive, who also own Rockstar and 2K Games. The Kickstarter for our Ultimate Night of the Living Dead comics, based on the classic cult movie, is now live! My art is featured in Medic #2-3, Rise #3, Honor #2-3, and Slab #3. Your support is greatly appreciated (Double Take Comics Kickstarter).


“Red Bloods #1-3” and “Origins: Walsh”. 98 pages total. Written by Fred Mastison, Sketch layouts by Stan Chou, Photography pages for #1-#2 by Jason Swarr, Finished art for #3 by Joshua Chinsky.
Produced by Straight 8 Photography. Learn more at
Or read the issues on –> Red Bloods #1 Red Bloods #2 Red Bloods #3


“Between the Binary”. Written by Frank Barbiere. Completed Jul 28, 2015.
Released in the “First Law of Mad Science Mixtapes Anthology”.
Kickstarter successfully funded Jun 24, 2015 (here).
Anthology now available through Comixology and in their BigCartel Store.


May 12, 2015: 8 pages of , “Born Again”. Written by Jennie Wood. Completed Jun 17, 2015.
Released in the  “FUBAR: By the Sword” Anthology.
Kickstarter successfully funded Mar 22, 2015 (here).
Anthology now available on Comixology and on Amazon.


“Untitled” co-created project with Patrick McEvoy. Three stories completed May 12, 2015. More stories in progress. Release pending.


“The Courier”. 10 pages. Written by Carl Smith. Completed Mar 11, 2015.
Released in “Be Careful What You Wish For #1” Anthology, edited by Carl Smith.
Anthology now available in Carl’s BigCartel Store.



Contact me to discuss if my art fits your vision. Slots are limited and my schedule is often filled months in advance!


“Been Bit”. 8 pages. Written by Jeff Rider. Completed Sep 12, 2014.
Read the finished comic at Cloudwranger Comics or on Comixology.


“Smell a Rat”. 23 pages. Written by Carl Smith. Completed Sep 7, 2014.
Released digitally on Amazon and in print through Carl’s BigCartel Store.
Also available as part of the “Horror of Loon Lake” Anthology, available here.


“The Robots of Dharma: Sweet Memory Must Die”. 12 pages. Written by Jai Undurti. Completed Jul 2014. Printed and released at Bangalore Comicon 2014.


“R.D.S.L. Chronicles”. Written by Wes Locher. 23 pages. Released digitally Aug 26, 2014. Printed in Mar 2015. Read the finished comic at the Innovation site!


“Vic Boone Over Tokyo”. Written by Shawn Aldridge. Released digitally May 11, 2013. Read the finished comic at Shawn’s site!


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